Unlocking the Benefits of Flash Freezing: Preserving Nutrients and Texture in Gourmet Food

Unlocking the Benefits of Flash Freezing: Preserving Nutrients and Texture in Gourmet Food - Jane Foodie

After several hours of research and testing here at Jane Foodie, we quickly realized that flash freezing our delicious meals was the best option for a variety of reasons. Our promise to our customers and to ourselves is to deliver our customers fresh, high-quality prepared meals made with real ingredients. None of our food contains added preservatives because we use the best natural preservative there is; Ice. 

Flash freezing our gourmet meals is an effective way to preserve the flavor and texture of food. It involves quickly freezing freshly-prepared meals at very low temperatures, allowing them to be stored for extended periods of time without losing their quality.

The flash freezing process works by quickly cooling the food down to a temperature below -18°C/-0.4°F in a matter of minutes. This prevents any bacteria from forming and preserves all the natural flavors and nutrients found in the meal. The quick cooling also prevents moisture from evaporating, which means that when it's time to eat, you can enjoy your gourmet meal just as it was intended, with all its original flavor intact.

By keeping the food frozen until it's ready to be enjoyed, you can rest assured that each bite will taste as fresh as if it was prepared just moments before. This is especially beneficial for those on the go looking for an easy dinner, empty nesters, college students, you name it! If you just want a nice home cooked meal without the hassle, clean up, or prep (same) Jane Foodie has you covered.  Flash freezing allows you to store your meals away for later consumption without any loss in flavor or nutritional value.

I know this may sound like an information overload, but we are so excited about the benefits of flash freezing and want you to be informed on our processes. One of the benefits of making food from scratch is that you know everything that goes into it, we’re more than happy to walk you through the entire process if you’re like us and want to know exactly what you’re eating. 

Overall, we believe in our processes, our recipes, and our food. We hope you give us a try sometime soon!


Always Fresh From Scratch,


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