Our Flash Frozen Guinness Beef Stew Won Sofi Awards Outstanding New Product of the Year!

Our Flash Frozen Guinness Beef Stew Won Sofi Awards Outstanding New Product of the Year!


Jane Foodie, a pioneer in the frozen food world, excitedly announces the exciting conclusion of its first-ever Summer Fancy Food Show. The event, held
at the Javits Center in New York City, marked an important milestone for the brand as it showcased its lengthy line of award-winning products to a varied audience of foodies, distributors, key retailers, and industry professionals.

Before the show, Jane Foodie’s Flash Frozen Guinness Beef Stew received the honor of winning the highly esteemed sofiTM Gold Award in the Soup category. On the second night of the Summer Fancy Food Show, during the SFA Awards Gala on June 24th, the company won one of the five sofiTM Grand Honors Awards given that night. These accolades, presented by
the Specialty Food Association, recognize quality, excellence, and innovation in the specialtyfood industry.

“Thank you so much for the support. What a show and what a night!” Says Jane Carroll, Founder of Jane Foodie. “We are absolutely honored and shocked to win both of these esteemed awards and cannot thank the Specialty Food Association enough for this opportunity to meet with all these incredible organizations and people. We are overwhelmed by the response and I feel very validated in my mission to bring food back to it’s roots by using real ingredients and implementing flash freezing instead of using preservatives. I’m so
excited to share this concept with the world.”

Throughout the show, Jane Foodie had the pleasure of engaging with hundreds of key retailers, distributors, press contacts, and foodies who shared their enthusiasm for innovation and the importance of accessibility to flavorful and nutritious meals. Jane Foodie’s booth attracted buyers near and far who were eager to learn more about theproducts and the brand.

In addition to the sofiTM Gold Award & sofiTM Grand Honors Award, Jane Foodie’s presence at the show amassed crucial media attention for the emerging brand. The company was featured in several press outlets, including interviews with Inc Magazine, Fox Business, and article mentions from KTLA, PR Newswire, Yahoo Finance, where Jane discussed the brand’s journey, commitment to quality, and their future goals for the company.

“I started my ‘better for you’ cookie company, Jane Bakes, after a heart-attack at 41,” added Carroll. “During COVID, I knew I wanted to expand that idea into the food world and just wanted to make healthier food more accessible and affordable. I am so proud of how far we’ve managed to take this thing. I know our products are good and with the positive feedback I’ve gotten from the Guinness Stew, I decided to submit it for the sofi awards just because. I am absolutely floored with the support we have received from everyone here at
the Summer Fancy Food Show and look forward to the bright future ahead.”

For more information about Jane Foodie and their products, please visit Janefoodie.com.
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